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Kris has been working with pianos since 1992.  During the summer of 1993 he worked as an apprentice tuner at the Aspen Music Festival.  Western Iowa Tech awarded him a degree in piano technology in 1994.
Kris has been a member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1993, and in 1998 passed the Guild's comprehensive series of exams to achieve the status of Registered Piano Technician (RPT).
Working as a staff technician at highly regarded piano repair and rebuilding facilities in Toronto, Canada and Denver, Colorado, Kris developed considerable skills and a passion for refurbishing and rebuilding fine old pianos.  "Nothing is more satisfying than giving an old instrument a new musical life."  Kris now works independently, serving clients throughout the greater Denver area.  
Becky began training as a piano tuner and technician in 1997, working in the rebuilding/repair shop of a major piano dealer in Denver.  Becky supplemented her on-the-job training by joining the Piano Technicians Guild to absorb more information about the technical side of pianos. "For several years, the technical presentations of the PTG added valuable   knowledge to my skill set and I highly recommend the guild meetings as a starting point for anyone interested in learning the trade."  In 2008, she became a Registered Piano Technician, having passed the three exams administered by the PTG. 

Since then Becky has continued to refine her skills, particularly by working on pianos requiring major reconditioning and hours of detailed work.   "It is pretty satisfying to have built up a store of empirical knowledge which I can then draw on as needed as I work on a variety of pianos...  There is also sometimes a certain amount of 'improvisation' required on the job to come up with a solution; I enjoy that.  And:  there is always something new to learn."

Becky feels delighted to have found a profession that fits her.  "I enjoy working on one project in-depth without interruptions and getting concrete results.  People often ask me if I teach piano as well, but I never have had an interest in that, except as a possible avenue to self-employment, and piano tech has worked out well for me in that regard."

Comments from a few of our satisfied customers:


Becky and Kris did a fantastic job from start to finish!  Their attention to detail resulted in a stunning finished product.  I couldn't be more pleased with their work.  They were helpful in all aspects of the piano reconditioning process, from choosing a person for the refinishing to completing the restringing, regulation and tuning.  I can't believe how much better my piano looks and sounds!  The results were well worth the investment.





I must tell you that after having my seven-foot concert grand tuned by avowed and reportedly superb technicians, I was always dismayed that, after a few days, twangs, pings, and discomfort to my ears followed!


I learned of Kris Kunze and his excellent skills quite by accident.  Not sure of a fellow of such quiet demeanor and patience,  I soon learned after Kris's first tuning of my piano that I had been missing a great quality of the instrument:  openness.  The piano now sang with a full richness of its potential and each note spoke for itself...  Piano performance became a real pleasure after such a tuning.





I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for this piano and our family.  Last night, the rolls were all out and playing like mad...HOLY MOLY is there a difference from what I had as a child!!!!!!!!!   A few songs were played and we were all having a good time - and all of a sudden...out of nowhere, I had tears running down my face... I was totally back in the memories of my childhood playing this piano...  I will be forever grateful for the magical work that you both have done.