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 Frequently asked questions about pianos
How often should I tune my piano?
The standard recommendation is once a year.  However, if you play the piano a lot or live in a home with a swamp cooler, you may want to have it tuned a couple of times a year (mid-summer and mid-winter).
What is a pitch raise?
A pitch raise is a preliminary tuning to pull the pitch close to where the actual tuning will be, in order to obtain a stable final tuning.  Pianos that have not been tuned for several years or that have undergone temperature and humidity changes will likely need one or more pitch raises.
How long does it take to tune a piano?
Anywhere from one to two hours, or more.  It depends on how out of tune the piano is, when it was last serviced, what ambient conditions it has been sitting in, the quality of the piano, how old it is...  We do our best to give you an idea while scheduling, but of course we can offer a better idea when we see the piano.
What do you charge to fix a sticky key?
If the fix is quick and easy, and we are already there for a tuning or some other work, there is no extra charge.  However, because there are dozens of reasons for sticky keys and if the repair might get involved, we will let you know beforehand.
What do I use to clean the keys?
Mix one part ammonia with three parts water in a spray bottle, spray a clean rag, and wipe off the keys.  This mixture works for both ivories and plastics.  On older pianos, sometimes the black keys have been touched up with a black marker and might smear on the white keytops, so check first.
What is a regulation?
A regulation is like a tune-up to your car.  It is a series of adjustments to the mechanical components of the piano, the goal being to make the piano play as consistently and efficiently as possible from key to key.  For a little more detail, see the Repair and Regulation page.
Do you work on the weekends?
Sometimes.  Check with either one of us since it depends on our schedules.