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Denver Piano Tuning

Registered Piano Technicians

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We do everything on pianos from minor repairs to full regulations to complete reconditionings.  We work with the customer to decide what is sensible and appropriate for each individual.


We do repairs as needed on pianos if we believe the repair is worth the cost.  We repair keys (including replacing keytops), actions, bridges, soundboards, and cabinetry items such as piano benches, casters, and grand lyres (pedal assemblies).


A regulation involves a series of adjustments to the action so that the piano plays consistently and to its maximum capacity from top to bottom.  A regulation includes such things as adjusting blow distance, taking out lost motion, leveling keys, adjusting key dip or aftertouch, loosening or tightening repetition springs, adjusting let-off and drop, and moving backchecks.  People sometimes are unaware of the value of doing a regulation to improve the piano's action.  The result should be a piano that stimulates the desire to play and learn, since the pianist has better control over the sounds they are creating at the keyboard.


Pianos often never receive a regulation after leaving the dealer's store.  Pianos will need regulating at some point in their lives, especially if they are played frequently or go through unusual humidity changes.  We can suggest to you if we think a piano needs a regulation.  It tends to cost between $200 and $700.   Sometimes only a partial regulation is necessary.