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Home of Becky Jakobsen, RPT and Kris Kunze, RPT

Providing quality piano care by knowledgeable and experienced technicians

Becky Jakobsen began training as a tuner in 1997, and then started delving into the technical aspects of pianos in 1998.  She became an RPT in 2008, having passed the requisite three exams administered by the Piano Technicians Guild.  She enjoys working in-depth on one project at a time, and, during service appointments, often finds "a few extras" she can take care of on customers' pianos.  In her free time, she likes to play her own piano.

Becky's services include:

  • Tuning
  • Repairs to keys, action parts, bridges, soundboards, pedal assemblies, benches, piano legs, music racks
  • Repinning and restringing
  • Full action regulation to either a vertical or a grand piano
  • Installation of humidity control systems
  • Pre-purchase evaluation for prospective piano owners
     Kris Kunze studied piano technology at Western Iowa Tech beginning in 1992, and worked at the Aspen Music Festival as an intern tuner in 1993.   He went on to graduate with a two-year degree and added to his knowledge by working in rebuilding shops in Toronto and Denver.  He passed the PTG exams in 1998 to become a Registered Piano Technician. He now works independently in the wider Denver metro area, having established a successful tuning and repair business.  Two specialties he has added to his already busy schedule are key rebushing and keytop replacement.

Kris's services include:

  • Tuning
  • Repair of all piano components
  • Action regulation
  • Installation of humidity control systems
  • Prepurchase evaluations of pianos
  • Key bushing
  • Keytops
  • Aurora, CO, USA